Grande Extra large pizza oven Commercial

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Made from high quality firebricks certified for food contact
Superior insulating capability
Overall size Width: 66.9 in (170 cm), Height 33 in ( 84 cm), Depth 72.8 in (185 cm)
Metal door with temperature gauge
Weight: 3036 lbs (1380 kg)
Inside diameter: 57 in (145 cm)

Certificates and specifications:

Food contact Certification


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These are high quality woodfired pizza ovens. The fire bricks are specifically build for pizza ovens and BBQs, they have a very good insulating performance. At 57 in (140 cm) inside diameter these ovens can fit many pizzas, your favorite roasts or make your own breads. The floor of the oven is also made of firebrick which will give your pizzas that crispy crust. It comes with a metal door to keep the heat inside and a temperature gauge. Also, the chimney is located right by the door to exhaust the oven up and away from the user.

Additional exhaust chimney opening on the top with included controllable valve helps control desired temperature and exhaust rate.

Traditional brick ovens work by first starting a fire inside the oven and heating up the firebricks, after the bricks are nice and hot you can push aside the burned wood or now turned into charcoal. Then the food is placed inside and the radiant heat from the brick cooks the food. Depending on the type of wood being used the smoke gives a distinct flavor to the food, all this can only be achieved by a wood burning oven. Pizzas are cooked in seconds with unique flavoring from these ovens making them the centerpiece of every party.

The weight is 3036 lbs (1380 kg)  it’s made of 5 pieces for ease of installation. These units should be installed on properly prepared base for the weight.

Additional information

Weight 1380 kg
Dimensions 170 × 185 × 84 cm

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