Stainless Steel camping Rotisserie kit with stands

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Camping rotisserie kit in stainless steel.

Included in the stainless steel  camping rotisserie kit are the following:

2 stands with a height adjustment of 32 inches.

1 two piece Stainless Spit with a length  of 61 inches.

2 Stainless Steel forks.

Easy motor to spit connection coupling.

Max load cooking load suggested is 100 lbs. balanced.

Motor will turn 200 lbs. balanced. (CE Certified)

Ground pegs to secure stands in to ground.

Assembled dimensions L 69 x  W 17.5  x H 34

1 year warranty on motor

Also available in steel.




Camping style stainless steel rotisserie for a whole pig / lamb or your favorite meat. An adjustable stand with motor for your desirable height. It can be placed over an open fire or enclosed in your own masonry setups.

Very easy to transport with you on all your outdoor adventures.The heavy duty motor will turn up to 200 lbs of balanced load, suggested load on rotisserie is 100lbs.

Loads should be balanced as best as possible for the longevity of the motor. The pig/lamb or other load should be on the center of rotation. Rest the spit on the BBQ (without being connected to the motor), the spit will turn with the heaviest side on the bottom. To offset this you may use a counter weight on the opposite side (top) or readjust your load.


Additional information

Weight 13 kg
Dimensions 83 × 33 × 21.6 cm


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