Large fire brick Charcoal BBQ

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Made from high quality firebricks
Excellent heat retention
Overall size: Width 60.2 in (153 cm), Height 81 in (208 cm), Depth 32.2 in (82 cm)
Inside measurements: Width 53.5 in (136 cm), Height 27.5 in (70 cm), Depth 27.5 (70 cm)
Hood/Chimney directs smoke away
Can be used with grill or for rotisserie
Optional rotisserie kit
Can fit whole lambs, pigs etc

Certificates and specifications:

BBQ plain Large

Food Contact Certification (1)


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These are high quality charcoal or wood burning BBQs. The fire bricks are specifically built for pizza ovens and BBQs, they have an excellent insulating performance also they are reinforced with steel rebar.
At 53 in (136 cm) inside diameter these BBQs can accommodate a lot of your favorite meats, fish or roasts. The rotisserie attachment will make life easier and will fit whole lamb, pig or roasts. The chimney will exhaust the smoke up and away from the user.

These units come with a stainless steel grill and a stainless steel rotisserie kit. ( 1 motor, 1 spit , 2 forks , 1 leg brace and 1 back brace)
Another option is the worm gear rotisserie attachment will mount directly to the sides of this BBQ. A heavy-duty motor spins a worm gear which in turn transfers the motion to a single spit gear or many spits used at the same time. This amazing design makes putting on or removing the spit a breeze, without the need to use any tools. This optional kit is Sku#7039 (includes: worm gear mechanism, 2 spits , 4 forks , 2 leg braces , 2 back braces and motor)

Traditional brick BBQs insulate and the heat from the firebricks radiates and cooks the food. Depending on the type of wood being used the smoke gives a distinct flavor to the food making them the centerpiece of every party.

The weight is 2420 lbs (1100 kgs). Ιts made of a few pieces and its very easy to assemble and install. These units should be installed on a properly prepared base for the weight.

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Weight 1100 kg
Dimensions 48 × 50 × 155 cm

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