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Double Worm Gear Mechanism

In this kit included are the: Double worm gear mechanism, 1 heavy duty motor, 2 spits 5/8″x76″L stainless steel (round), 2 forks , 2 leg brace and 2 back brace, and spit support plate.
No hassle set up
Spit drive and rest position (will not turn) for carving the meat.
Can drive multiple spits at the same time



A heavy-duty motor spins a worm gear which in turn transfers the motion to the other worm gear by a chain. This amazing design makes putting on or removing the spit a breeze, without the need of any tools. The motor in this kit is the Sku#7009, our best seller. It can turn up to a 200lb load (balanced) with ease. Round spits will have their own drive gear. This rotisserie kit can accommodate up to 10 spits at the same time. (3rd or more need to be purchased separately).Spits are 5/8″ thick and 76 inches overall length and they are 13 inches apart from each other. Height of plates is 26 inch plus the motor on one side 8 inches below the bottom and 14 in width. Please let us know if you have different requirements. Optional spit accessories can be also be purchased for this kit.

Included in this kit are the: 1 double worm gear drive, 1 motor and 2 round spits with accessories (1 fork, 1 leg brace , 1 back brace on each spit) and spit support plate for other side.

Additional information

Weight29 kg
Dimensions198 × 21 × 21 cm