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Charcoal Oven

Faster cooking than open grills

Unique flavor, texture

Lower charcoal consumption

Various grill height levels

Double vent system for temperature control





Roaster charcoal oven is a combination of a professional open grill and an oven. It is being used by the most specialized chefs around the world, as it gives a unique flavor to all kinds of food, while at the same time it increases the kitchen productivity. It is the perfect commercial grilling equipment for all food-service establishments like traditional restaurants, taverns, hotels, bistro-cafes etc. You can cook at the same time meat, fish, chicken, burgers, steaks, appetizers etc. It is 35% faster than an open traditional grill. 4 sizes to choose from for your needs.


  • SPEED: It is faster than an open grill.
  • QUALITY: Unique flavor, texture, and juiciness to all kinds of food. Perfectly roasted and grilled food.
  • ECONOMY: It is a combination of an open grill and a closed oven. The integrated double vent system for the air flow regulation leads to a lower charcoal consumption.
  • CONVENIENCE: Designed to be functional; the easily removable grill racks and the soft closing door as well as the ash collector drawer and the grease collector pan are only some of the characteristics that make it easy to use and clean.
  • SAFETY: It prevents chef from being exposed to constant heat. The especially designed fire breaker hat reduces the risk of fire.
  • Included are : 1 pc stainless steel tongues, 2 stainless steel grill racks, upper heating rack .Optional accessories or customized accessories upon request.

ROC 54         ROC 56         ROC 74       ROC 76

Charcoal consumption estimates per Day                      6-8 kg            10-12 kg       10-12 kg      12-16 kg

Estimates. Times may differ depending on charcoal.

Due to the size, this item needs to be shipped via freight from our Toronto ON location . Shipping cost will be calculated when a postal or zip code is entered. Note some postal or zip codes are remote from shipping routes and might have higher shipping costs and you will be contacted if there is additional costs involved.

Additional information

Weight400 kg
Dimensions180 × 40 × 42 cm

ROC 54, ROC 56, ROC 74, ROC 76