Brick BBQ gear drive rotisserie kit

In this kitĀ  included are the: Worm gear mechanism, 1 heavy duty motor, 2 spits 5/8 stainless steel (round), 2 forks , 1 legĀ  brace and 1 back brace.

No hassle set up
Spit drive and rest position (will not turn) for carving the meat.
Can drive multiple spits at the same time




This rotisserie attachment will mount directly to the sides of the brick BBQs. A heavy-duty motor spins a worm gear which in turn transfers the motion to a single spit gear or many spits (more than two is optional) used at the same time. This amazing design makes putting on or removing the spit a breeze, without the need to use any tools. The motor in this kit is the Sku#7009, our best seller. It can turn up to a 200lb load (balanced) with ease. Each round spit will mount with a drive gear, please specify the number of spits and type required at checkout if you need more than two spits . These rotisserie kits can accommodate up to 4 spits at the same time. You can roast lambs, pigs , chickens or other roasts at the same time.

Optional spit accessories can be also be purchased for this kit.

Additional information

Weight 20 kg
Dimensions 175 × 40 × 20 cm