This recipe can be made with chicken breast or chicken thighs de-boned.

Rule of thumb is 1-2 lbs per person.  For 10 lbs follow the recipe below.

Cut chicken breast in 1/4″ – 1/2″ slices . No need to cut de-boned thighs

Grade 4-5 fresh tomatoes to paste and chop 3 whole onions .

In a bowl mix salt, pepper, oregano(to liking), 200 ml olive oil, and add the tomato and onion.

Mix all together in a large bowl and leave overnight if possible in the fridge.

Next: On the spit put on the gyro plate and start forking through the meat in even layers of height.

When complete put on the other gyro plate and secure.

Next: Put spit on the bbq and start motor.

After about 1 hr depending on the heat  you can use a sharp knife to slice of the outside crispy chicken.

Turn on the motor again to let the rest keep cooking and repeat.

Chicken gyro shawarma on the spit
Gyro shawarma plates on the charcoal bbq spit